Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 week check up

Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending my last monthly check up. Now starts the bi-weekly appointments until 36 weeks, at which I’ll go every week. Hopefully I won’t have to do that for very long.

At 31 weeks….

  • I’ve gained 17 lbs (“fantastic” according to my doc). If I continue gaining 1 lb/week, I’ll end up around 25-26 pounds total.
  • My blood pressure is still relatively low.
  • My gestational diabetes glucose test came back with great numbers. My blood sugar was 84 and they want anything under 140. Some great news considering I am at higher risk because I’m over 25 and have a parent with diabetes.
  • Baby is head down. Still could turn numerous times, but at least she’s cooperating for the time being.

I’m measuring exactly at 31 weeks. This was such a relief for me to hear. My whole pregnancy, I’ve heard from basically everyone that I’m “so small” and “really tiny,” and even received a concerned look from a friend about the size of my tummy at 22 weeks. While this might seem great on the surface, after awhile, it caused me to really worry that my baby wasn’t growing properly or that I wasn’t eating enough (but trust me, I EAT!) The husband and I attended an infant care class over the weekend and I was curious to know how far along each of the 12 pregnant ladies in the class were. They were at least twice the size of me in terms of belly. I was thinking they’ve got to be due within the next month, right? Nope… most were due about 1 week before or 1 week after.

This REALLY made me worry, but according to the doc, I’m right where I should be.  So hooray! Also, I have to give props to my awesome husband here… I was venting my worries about being “tiny” compared to other girls who are due in December.

He says, “I don’t why you let it bother you. They looked so uncomfortable.  They’re probably looking at you thinking ‘I wish I was that small!’ “

It changed my perspective….. just one of the many reasons why I married him. :)


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Glad to hear that everything is well and on track:)

fancy nancy said...

Everyone is different! Your hubby is so right! I was a HOUSE and I remember looking at other girls thinking...They are so little and cute! You're doing great!!!

beerab said...

If your doctor is happy then be happy girl! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I think it's probably cuz you are in such great shape which is why you haven't blown up (no offense to those who do get huge). Anyways you don't want to be huge and be miserable like a lot of my friends were when pregnant! Less stretch marks IMO! ;) And you have what- 6-9 weeks to go? I'm sure you still have a ways to go.

Can't wait to see your little girl!

laura705 said...

Glad to hear all is going well. As long as the doc and the tests say all is on schedule, don't worry - enjoy it. :)

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said... are doing awesome. Welcome to motherhood...there will ALWAYS be something to worry you about your kid! haha It won't be long now, before you are holding your new sweet baby! xxoo

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