Monday, February 20, 2012

I do still exist (sort of)

The past two weeks have really thrown a monkey wrench into my running/weight loss plan. I wish I could blame it on external forces (some of which I can, I suppose) but some of the blame also definitely lies with me.

Let’s back up a bit.

Two weeks ago – the weekend of the Super Bowl – I woke up late Friday night with horrible stomach cramps. What ensued was 24 hours of horrible, awful, wouldn’t-wish-that-on-anybody puking. And when there was nothing left to throw up, it wouldn’t stop! My best guess is some sort of food poisoning, but it left me completely drained and I needed several days to even feel halfway normal. Picture me attempting to feed my baby by laying on the ground, her in her swing, and me holding a bottle in her mouth. I didn’t even have the energy to stand up. By the time I started to feel back to normal, the weekend had rolled around…and my husband got a stomach bug! Not the same as me, but it definitely kept him out of commission for a day or two so I was on parent duty 24/7.  And THEN….Baby Marathoner got a cold. Sad smile And that is the worst one of all – not necessarily because she is cranky and miserable (she’s actually quite a good trooper), but because her sleep has been AWFUL. She can go down easily, but can’t stay asleep for too long and once she gets up to eat in the night…forget about going back to sleep. Last week was so exhausting. I never want to repeat it (though I know I will at some point). I tried running last Monday, and could only make it about 2.25 miles before feeling the exhaustion. Between working and it being a busy week anyway, exercise just wasn’t happening. Hopefully we’re turning the corner now…she’s slept well the past two nights and the congestion seems to be lessening. Ugh. You know it’s bad when you think back to something you did last week and it feels like ages and ages ago.

But that’s why I made a 16-week half marathon plan in the first place. I knew I would have weeks where I would need the extra time/rest. So here’s to a brand new week…

… and here’s my little runner at 2 months old. Time flies. Sad smile



Karen@WaistingTime said...

CUTE!!!! Is that a tutu? Oh the things I missed out on with just boys.

I had the flu while still nursing my youngest. (Now 19!!) That was the last year I went without a flu shot!

But, IMO, there is nothing worse than having a sick child and wishing you could do something.

Tish said...

Aw, she's so adorable. Being so sick and responsible for you little one and not getting enough sleep is NOT fun. Hopefully, it's all over now and things will go on better now. I think just being able to squeeze in a 2 mile run is a very reasonable goal for such a discombobulated week. Hope little bit is over her cold and sleeping well tonight. Hang in there--things will get better! Hugs

beerab said...

Awww she gets cuter every time I see her :)

Take it a day at a time- sounds like you are doing a million times better than my friend who ended up crying a few weeks after her baby was born because things were a lot harder than she thought they'd be lol. Her baby's like 7 months old now and much better :)

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