Monday, February 27, 2012

I just don’t see a way around it…

I’m going to have to become a morning exerciser when I go back to work next week. Le Sigh.

Do any of you work out in the morning? And I don’t mean the “morning” workout that I’ve been doing on maternity leave (roll into the gym around 10:30 a.m. after all the stay at home moms and elderly folks have finished their workouts). I mean like 6 a.m. workouts. The only appealing thing to me about this is having my workout done for the day and not having to argue with myself over whether or not I’m too tired or too burned out or too whatever excuse I tend to come up with at the end of the day to avoid working out. At my old job, I could run on the trail during lunch time and it was always nice to go home and not have to think about going to the gym.

It makes sense. I have free use of the gym facilities on base ( It’s free! Why don’t I use it?! I think it’s because I’m afraid I’ll look awful compared to military folks who are obviously in way better shape than me. Also, my boss works out there and I feel like it would be weird for some reason.) I need to get over that, and soon. If I want to maximize time spent with my hubby and baby when I get home from work, then morning workouts it shall be.

Yuck. I am so not a morning person. But if I have to get up early anyway, I guess I should go ahead and do it. If I’ve planned everything right, it should only push back my start work time by 45 minutes. Then I will work through lunches and be able to still leave by 3:15 most days.

If you are a morning exerciser, what gets you out of bed and into your workout clothes? I’m hoping that by not making myself get up any earlier than I have to and instead pushing back my start work time by 45 minutes will keep me from hitting the snooze button.


Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

I am definitely a morning exerciser. My alarm is set for 4:50am. I just joined a Crossfit gym 3 weeks ago and for the last two weeks we have been having a Way of Life Challenge and part of the challenge is going to Crossfit 5 days a week. That is definitely been my motivation to get out of bed in the morning. I also love not having to arrange my after work days to fit in a workout because if it comes between a workout and something with the family then the workout loses almost everytime. After a couple weeks of getting up early it will become a habit. I am not perfect and there are for sure mornings I don't get out of bed but my day is much better when I do. Good Luck!

safire said...

I'm a morning person and I think good sleep is important for that to happen. Good luck!

Mary said...

I'm a morning workout person - not because I'm a morning person (not) but because I'm too wiped out after work. Set my alarm for 4:45 so I'm on the eliptical by 5:00. I've been doing it since January (New Year's resolution) and it's still hard, but worth it.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I only did that when my boys were young and I was still working. I got up before six and got on the old Nordic Track machine we had at home. Just remind yourself how great you'll feel the rest of the day having it don:)

beerab said...

Ug I'm so not a morning person! I've had to start being in bed and ASLEEP before 10 pm so that I can get up and get to work at 6:30 am. I couldn't imagine getting up earlier- but good luck! I wouldn't worry about others or your boss- you DO look great!

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