Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking control of weekend eating

Weekend eating has always been a nemesis of mine – even before I jumped on the weight loss train and shed 80 lbs. Something about getting to Friday night and rewarding myself with making it through another grueling work week by going out to dinner and eating to my heart’s content seemed, well….. nice. Fulfilling, even (in more ways than one!)

Weekend eating continued to plague me while losing weight. I would work very hard, Monday a.m. – Friday at lunch to watching what I ate, log my calories, work my butt off with exercise. Friday night out was my “treat” meal, only it never really stopped with Friday’s dinner. It often continued through Saturday and partially Sunday – even though I’d often try to reign myself back in come Sunday morning. What resulted is usually at least a pound of weight gained – true weight gain or just water retention from eating out so much – and I would have to work all over again to lose that pound plus make some headway for the week.

Not so difficult when you have a lot of weight to lose. Much more difficult towards the end when the pounds are in the single digits. I find that it takes a lot of effort to work off a pound now. Long gone are the days of losing 2+ lbs every week. These days, I am happy with a half pound loss!

But the weekend eating was still a problem. After having Kate, I still ate like I was pregnant because pretty much everyone told me that the weight would come right off, especially if I was breastfeeding. Well, I stopped breastfeeding after a few weeks and the stubborn Last 10 remained. I was in between sizes….too large for my pre-pregnancy pants, but too small to go up a size. Clothes were uncomfortable. I couldn’t bring myself to buy larger sizes. So around April, I started eating like I was dieting….except for the weekends.

I found out I’m pretty good at maintaining. Not so great at the losing anymore! What worked in the past no longer worked with this post-pregnancy, newly 30 year old body. A few weeks ago, I decided the weekend eating needed to stop. It’s been hard…but… not having to re-lose that pound (or more) gained from weekend binging has been really nice, too.

Do you have problem with weekend eating, too? This weekend will certainly be challenging. Hubby and I have a babysitter and a date night planned, and Saturday starts college football season…which means tailgating! Which means lots and lots of food! Thinking and hoping the baby distracts me this time around. Smile


Tish said...

For me, it's not weekends, but rather WI day and the day after. Remember, I'm retired, so my schedule is rather different. But I allow myself to "loosen the reins a bit" on those two days. Usually it works and I can be satisfied with a weekly hit of popcorn or a serving of frozen yogurt. But sometimes, like last week!, I lose control and get sloppy about portion sizes and it slops over into the week. NOT fun to have to re-lose pounds. I'm trying to be much better this week!
I'm glad things are going so well. Hope you're able to get out to run and that Kate enjoys going along for the ride.

Sunnydaze said...

I'm like you - I felt that I deserved a good treat meal on Friday evenings for having made it through the week, then I'd let it ruin the whole weekend.

I've always heard that the last couple pounds are the hardest to lose. I know you can do it. Look how far you've come. Especially not getting fat as a cow after having a baby.

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