Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First appointment / 6 week stats

Good morning! We have our first doctor’s appointment today. I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen -  I think it will be just taking my history and doing a blood test/pee test. My sister in law goes to the same doctor and they got to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks, so we’ll see. I have to go three weeks in a row and don’t even see my OB/GYN until week 8. 

Anyway, thought I would give a quick update of what’s going on with my crazy body at 6 weeks:

Weight 138
Weight change + 2 lbs.
Symptoms Boobs the size of cantaloupes, all day sickness, inability stay awake past 9:00 most nights and my face looks like I was teleported back to middle school.

I have been doing OK with exercise so far. I ran 8 miles on Saturday and 3 miles on Monday. It’s hard to gauge what is just me feeling tired/adjusting back to being in high altitude with running and what is attributed to pregnancy. But for the most part, as long as I eat small snacks every few hours, I feel ok. That’s been an adjustment itself – going from eating three meals a day to eating small snacks every 2-3 hours. I go from food sounding totally gross to totally awesome. And I hate eggs at the moment – which is a shame, because I love eggs usually and they’re such a great source of protein and calories!

It’s been raining on and off for the past few days, which I’ll take over snow any day, but it’s also been kind of chilly. I’d love to get outside and run, and hopefully I will on Wednesday and Thursday before my half marathon on Sunday. Looking forward to it, but not looking forward to getting up at 5:00 and right now, the forecast is for rain and cool temps. Yuck!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


safire said...

Good luck at the doctor's appointment! I am so excited for you. I wonder about how I'm going to be pregnant and how my relationship with food will change (or remain the same)

Have a great Tuesday! I'm looking forward to my boobs becoming bigger temporarily!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Oh I hate to tell you what I craved and ate back then. It was bad. But I was skinny then. Sigh. Eating often helped with the queasiness.

fancy nancy said...

We have our appointment on Friday! Remembering our last one they take family history, go over do and don'ts for food, vitamins, and all that fun stuff! My energy is way low too...and all of a sudden I have boobs again! Hubby loves it but not me!

I'm really struggling this time with the anticipated weight gain. With our daughter I embraced it and loved every stage. After losing 70lbs (50 from pregnancy) I am surprisingly having a hard time with the weight this time. I haven't gained any but I think the anticipation is killing me! I need to grab hold really and just enjoy the journey!

Sunnydaze said...

You are amazing running all that with the pregnancy tiredness and heavy boobs, lol.

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

good luck today! Looking forward to hearing all about how it went! Don't focus so much on the weight gain as much as just trying to stay healthy and you will be fine! sounds like you are pregnant all have all the "symptoms"! I will tell you, for me, I seemed to have a heightened sense of smell during my first trimesters! so weird. Certain cologne or smoke...really, really bothered me!

Anna said...

Nancy, it's good to know I'm not along with the weight gain thing. It is hard to watch the scale go up and not do everything in my power to get it back down. I am finding it difficult to decipher what is normal and what is "need to watch it with the BBQ, Anna..."

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