Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Workout plan for the next few weeks

Thanks everyone for the kind words and congrats! I am still feeling pretty great and went for a short run on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I started thinking about what I would like my workout plan to be for the rest of the first trimester (another 7-8 weeks) and think I have come up with something that seems feasible. Doesn’t matter which days I do it, but my plan is to run 3 miles three times a week, and do a Jillian video (strength training and flexibility) once a week. I do have those two half marathons, which will certainly account for major exercise, but I am just going to take it easy and slow.  I may even try to convince hubby to sign up for the second one and do a run/walk with me.

I never got to blog about running on vacation. I managed two 3 mile runs and one 9 mile run at sea level. My goodness, running at sea level is so awesome! I’ve never really run long distances before when in Oklahoma, so it was so great to get out and run in 75 degree weather with mild humidity and gentle breezes. The town where my parents live have this great 3-mile paved loop with slight rolling hills which is where I ended up doing my 9 mile run. I can’t believe that we don’t have anything similar to that where I live – or if we do, I sure haven’t discovered it yet!

Anyway…just one pic of me from the trip. We visited a really neat car history museum, and I’m posing in front of my dream car (Camaro SS!)

weight 109


SouvenirDarling said...

Well, here's another congratulations!!!

I hope hubby wasn't too disappointed that you both couldn't enjoy "working on getting pregnant" longer? :)

Sunnydaze said...

Nice pic. I enjoy going to car shows, too.

Exercise during pregnancy is scary but I know that you are researching it and talking to your doctor so you should have no problem. I hope you don't get that tired/morning sickness thing.

beerab said...

My understanding is running during pregnancy is fine as long as you are used to it (like you are) I think only the final trimester you have to take it easy. BUT I'm not a doctor so don't quote me on that!

Btw you look fabulous next to that car! ;)

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