Thursday, June 9, 2011

Treadmill boot camp/12 weeks(!!)

So when I signed back up at the YMCA on Tuesday, I made myself sign up for Wednesday’s Treadmill Training class. The description said it was a mix of incline and intervals that you do at your own pace, so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard (I thought it would be walking the whole time) and it sounded like fun. It’s a small class (max of five people), so I fought my new kid shyness tendencies and followed through on my commitment. The instructor, Shannon, is super nice and introduced herself. She asked if I was a runner and then said, oh, of COURSE you are, as I was wearing my Colfax Marathon tech shirt. I told her yep and that I was also about 12 weeks pregnant, so she said congrats and take it easy if I needed to.

THEN she said… Welcome to Treadmill Boot Camp, where we run the whole 45 minutes and throw in intervals, hills and crazy sprints in between. Um, what? I so thought this was going to be an easy class. I must be naive. I keep going to classes that I think are going to be “easy” and they most certainly are not.

We warmed up at what we consider a normal pace (I chose a 12 min/mile pace) for 10 minutes. I was so happy that I wasn’t gasping for air or breaking a sweat 10 minutes into it. I was worried that I’d be out of shape and just totally suck. Then we did our first set of sprints (30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, repeat) with a 30 second rest period in between. Then we did four hill intervals, and then finished out the session with six more 30 second sprints. The 45 minutes flew by… I was having so much fun! Shannon was checking in on me and complimenting me on how great it is that I’m running while pregnant. Girl told me she was 117 pounds when she delivered her girl, and 151 when she delivered her boy. I gave her this face:

Humorous Pictures

Um yeah, my starting weight is 20 lbs more than your delivery weight! Not amused!

Just kidding. She was really awesome and supportive, and I loved, loved, loved the class. I felt so great when I finished, and proud of myself for going and for completing the class. I know I could have kicked it harder, but I just want to maintain a good fitness level. It’s hard not to be competitive..with myself and with the other class members. But it’s all right. I can’t wait for next week! Tomorrow is Mat Pilates and maybe a walk with the dog when I get home.

In even more astonishing news, I am 12 weeks today. Say what?!

weight 055

I’d post a tummy picture, but there’s nothing to show yet. If I had a flat stomach before being pregnant, I’m sure it would be more noticeable. But I always had a “pooch” on my lower abdomen, before and after losing weight. It’s totally genetic; my mom has the same pooch in the same spot and as much weight as she has lost, she’s never been able to get rid of it. Nor have I. Thanks, genes!

Final weight gain for first trimester: 1 pound (current weight: 137 pounds)

Pretty stoked about that!


fancy nancy said...

My mother-in-law told me every chance she could get that she only gained 15lbs when she had my husband....even after I gained 50!!! Ummm yeah thanks!

You look amazing and are doing awesome!!!

Tish said...

You look awesome! And a 1 pound gain for the 1st tri--WTG! Good for you for tackling the treadmill class. I think indoors is probably a good bet for now and I'm glad the instructor knows you're preggers, so she knows that you're pacing yourself appropriately. Did I mention how happy I am for you? It's so fun to think of you growing a little person in there. :-)

Anna said...

Yeah my in laws were all like "yeah, I never got sick when I was pregnant" when I was throwing up all day, every day, and miserable. Thanks for sharing! lol!

LoriV. said...

Woohoo on the treadmill bootcamp!! That sounds like my kind of fun! Great job on getting to the gym!

PS. my running capris came from Nordstrom Rack. They have the best prices on name brand fitness clothing, I think. Do you have one near you?

Food Addict said...

About your one pound weight gain in first trimester -- my face for you "la dee freakin' do" ... haha, totally kidding! It is soooo awesome you did that -- I have one more week to go, and am still at 5 pounds gain, so I'm not too upset.

Sounds like you are doing great!! Way to go with the treadmill class... I totally understand the feeling of needing to compete with yourself during exercise...

Good luck with the second trimester!!! I cannot wait to be there!

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

good for you for following through on your commitment...I totally get the kid shy thing.

Loved the reaction to the instructors comment! lol All that matters in the end is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy and a healthy gain...and yes...YOU DO need to gain a bit to have a healthy don't stress about it...just eat healthy and keep up the exercise and you will be fine!! xxoo

Anna said...

FA, I was pretty convinced I would be about 10+ lbs at the beginning... I bloated a lot and was just hoping to not go overboard. 5 lbs is great though! I think they say that's right about normal so you're right on track! I have a feeling I will start piling on the weight now that I feel good...

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