Thursday, June 2, 2011

What day is it??

These holiday weeks always mess me up. Half the time I’m thinking it’s earlier in the week, and the other half of the time, I feel like a 4-day work week is just too tiring and the weekend needs to hurry up and get here.  I’m also having a hard time believing it’s June already, and I’m 11 weeks today. WHAT? This kid’s going to be here before I know it! Time’s a-flyin’!

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but not for lack of trying. Each evening, I have the intention of sitting down and writing, but the evening seems to escape from me. Also, there’s not much really to report. Still randomly puking every now and then, but on the bright side, my face is clear and I’ve got my energy back. We’ve been taking walks almost every evening, and I’ve started walking to and from my building at work rather than being lazy and taking the bus every morning and afternoon. I even got out for a run on Wednesday, despite 87 degree temps. It’s hard to not be competitive with myself, and to slow down and remind myself that it’s not about going faster these days, it’s about staying in shape. On the weight front, I’m still hovering around 137 pounds, which means that if I stay this way for another week, I’ll have officially gotten through the first trimester with a 1 pound weight gain. I’m not sure if I should be proud of that, or a little weirded out by it. To be honest, when my weight first bolted up to 138-139 pounds when I first found out I was pregnant (probably due to bloat), my goal was to keep my weight gain to under 10 pounds. But then I was so sick for so many weeks that it didn’t seem to matter – I would eat anything and everything that didn’t make me sick… which was not a whole lot. It’s amazing how much food I ate because I was so hungry and yet so sick at the same time. If I’d been able to keep most of it down, I probably would have gained those 10 pounds!

Which means that now that my sickness is evening out, I have to be better about what I’m eating. Fortunately, food in general is starting to sound appetizing again. You guys would be ashamed if you knew what I ate some days during my sickest weeks…. lunches consisted of Gatorade, Cheetos, and fruit snacks some days, and even that didn’t stay down. Carbs were really the only things that seemed appealing. Protein, fruits and veggies? No thank you. Some days, I ate a bowl of spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese for dinner. If I saw a bagel… look out. That bagel didn’t stand a chance. Man – I was not off to a good start!

But things are looking up. Now I eat fruit smoothies for breakfast, enjoy cottage cheese, turkey sandwiches or soup for lunch, and dinner each night for the past week or so has been a lean protein and veggies (thanks to the awesome summer weather for allowing us to grill for the past week!) At first, I had to remind myself that those junky carb-loaded snacks weren’t going to cut it anymore… hey, who doesn’t enjoy junk food? But that time is fading, and fading quickly, and I feel much more like my old self lately. And the extra energy is definitely a plus!

So May is done… onto June! Hopefully it’s going to be way less busy than May – no more bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, holidays.  We’re two weeks away from the wedding that DH and I are both in; I’m feeling pretty good about looking decent in my bridesmaid dress. Plus, did I mention the photographer is the same woman who did our Grand Lake photos last May? Love her and can’t wait to see her again!


Food Addict said...

ANNA! Yay, I'm so happy that I found you're new blog!! I didn't know you had started a new one... and was feeling sad that I couldn't follow your pregnancy.


Second, I've been doing a lot of reading about pregnancy weight gain. From what I've read, weight gain in the first trimester is not *that important. I guess studies show your baby will be just fine... but the 2nd and 3rd trimesters weight gain is more important.

Third, I'm jealous you've only gained 1 pound... I'm up to 5 - losing my mind!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I can't keep track of what day it is either! Glad to hear the sickness is getting a bit better. Not sure if I ever shared some of the crap I ate when I was queasy. It was badddd.

fancy nancy said...

I'm glad to hear that you are starting to turn a corner with how your feeling. Now the fun starts!!!

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