Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation and 16 weeks (yikes)

Why must vacations come to an end!? I so enjoyed my extra few days off. On Tuesday, I hit the gym for an elliptical workout, which left my legs screaming. They were already sore and tired from the race, but I know working them out made my recovery a bit faster. I came home for a quick shower, went and picked up lunch (turkey and chipotle mayo on challah – mmmm!) and met hubby for lunch before heading off for a long-awaited spa appointment. I’d received a gift card for Christmas, and had intended on using it after my two half marathons in May. But I was still in my first trimester, and apparently massages in the first trimester are forbidden, so I had to wait until the second trimester. Well, Tuesday was the perfect time to do it and I’m soooo glad I did! It was my first professional massage ever, and it was absolutely enjoyable. Since I booked a 30 minute massage, she focused mostly on my neck and shoulders, which is what I wanted. But, my hips and thighs were so sore from running that I was really wishing I’d had a sports therapy-type massage on top of it. Anyway, it really was heavenly, and I can see easily becoming addicted to it! :) I also booked a one-hour spa pedicure, so I did get a great foot and calf massage too. I came home and we made dinner…. to escape the heat (no A/C in our house and 90+ degrees…ugh), we went to Target and checked out all the baby gear.

For Wednesday, I had planned on getting a lot done around the house, but laziness took over and I mostly laid around and watched TV. :) I did manage to get back to Target for a Bella Band as my work pants are getting tight, had lunch with hubby again, and made a few loaves of banana bread. I also managed to get to my treadmill boot camp at the gym for a serious interval workout (12 increasing intervals plus one four-minute hill at the end). I am proud to say that I was the only one who chose to run the hill interval instead of walk. Sweating at the end for sure!! Tomorrow is pilates and that will mark working out for days in a row… an accomplishment for me these days, haha.

Since Karen asked, I took a belly picture! I’ve really popped in the last week so maybe I’m almost out of the looking chubby stage.


The Baby Daddy says it looks like I always do when I stick my stomach out after eating too much. I did eat two tacos before taking this photo. Man, those were good tacos!


Karen@WaistingTime said...


Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

haha...cute "tacos" lol 16 weeks huh? pretty soon you are going to be feeling that peanut roll around in there...BEST....FEELING....EVER!!! xxoo

fancy nancy said...

Cute, cute, and cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that baby/taco belly photo! :)


beerab said...

You look beautiful! :) Yay for the baby/taco bump! lol!

marbear24 said...

Very cute! I think that whatever you name your baby, their nickname should be taco :)

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