Monday, July 25, 2011

Crawling out

First, I just want to say thanks for all of the kind and helpful comments on my last post. It seems as though nobody but you guys and my husband understand how I feel or what I’m going through. Exasperated by the fact that one of my friends who has a six month old (previous marathoner) gave me a hard time about running during pregnancy on Saturday, it feels like even those I expect to support or understand my feelings are in fact, quite the opposite. I’m quickly finding out that when you’re pregnant, everyone’s got an opinion or advice; even when you explicitly state that you’re tired of unsolicited advice they give it to you anyway!

It has been SUCH an up and down weekend. So, in true Karen @ Waisting Time style, I give you my weekend recap, running style.

Gold medal – The Classic 10k. Let’s hear it for finishing my first official 10k as a pregnant lady! And even better, I beat my previous 10k time (for the same race) by 13 seconds! Woohoo!


6.2 miles at 19 weeks pregnant – my finish time was 1:07:19. I RAN all the hills (also different from last year), and my sweet, awesome hubby paced me the entire way. Very, very pleased, and baby was sooo active and kicking up a storm the rest of the day. I think he/she likes running!


This was a HUGE confidence booster for me, being 6 lbs heavier than last year, but having my running improved so much. Last year, I really felt wiped out by mile 4 because I was pushing it, but this year, it didn’t really feel difficult until that last .2 miles. I felt great and confidence the entire race, despite the usual feeling like I had to pee during the first mile. I really feel like I am in better running shape than I was a year ago.

Bronze medal - maternity clothes. Why do they suck? I officially don’t fit into ANY of my pants anymore, and while the Bella Band lasted me for a few weeks, it’s not really conducive when I can’t even squeeze the pants around my hips, let alone zip them up. I tried to go maternity clothes shopping last week, but I’m still too small for the full maternity clothes and too big for my regular size. The solution? Just by bigger clothes. I ordered some “in between” maternity clothes from Old Navy, but upon finding out they wouldn’t be here for another week, I went to TJ Maxx yesterday and just bought three pairs of pants in a size 8. Oh, and one pair of awesome black pants in a size 6 because I WILL be back there some day! So, I feel better that I have clothes that fit, not so pleased that I dropped $200 on stuff that won’t fit me for that long. That’s what I get for getting rid of all my fat clothes 4 months before we conceived!

Last place- the scale. Still up 1.4 lbs despite tremendous exercise this weekend. I feel my efforts are becoming futile at this point. But to be honest, I should be paying closer attention to what I’m eating. One bratwurst for lunch is OK, Anna. A bratwurst plus a hot dog is probably not something to brag about. The exercise is spot on, but the diet probably (ok, it really) needs tweaking. I realize I will gain weight regardless; I’m just not sure that 2-3 lbs a week is proper?

Pacing myself - one week. A week from today (August 1st), we find out if Baby Marathoner has a hamburger or a hot dog (like my childish antics? I do!) While I think I am pretty sure it’s a boy, most days I second guess myself. Either way, I hope this week goes by quickly! I think we’ve settled on both boy and girl names, so I’ll be sure to update next Monday with the official results.

Last place (again) – IT Band. I have known for about two years that my right hip flexor gives me problems. But my left leg/hip? Never had an issue until about two weeks ago while running. Very irritating and while it’s taking less time to work out/rehab than my right knee, it’s still frustrating. Did you know that IT Band problems are common in pregnant women? Apparently, your connective tissues loosen during pregnancy, making you more prone to injury. It’s behaving well if I make sure to stretch and roll it out after a run, but I was hurting pretty good on Saturday after the race. Unfortunately this limits my running a bit, but as long as it doesn’t get worse, I’ll deal and try not to get too bummed out by it.

Silver medal – Working from home on a Monday. We have foreign VIPs on base today, and we were advised to stay home due to crazy security measures. Yes, please! Here’s to sleeping in an extra 45 minutes, working from home in my jammies, and getting to meet my BFF from college for lunch!

First place – Baby daddy. The only person in the whole world (or so it seems sometimes) that understands me. :)


Side shot…19 weeks and counting. I’m posting this only because this is pre-tacos. That’s right…. it’s TACO NIGHT at the Babies and Marathons household!!!!


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Very cute. And congrats to baby on his/her first 10K. BTW - maternity clothes are sooooo much better now than when I was pregnant! More stylish and so much easier to come by.

Anonymous said...

SOunds like you are doing awesome!! Everyone is such a busy body when it comes to pregnancy... so just ignore the annoying comments about your running. You know what is best for your body! Ah... and I just found out I'm having a boy! I can't believe you still have to wait two weeks, it must be killing you!! The anticipation is the worst!!

Anonymous said...

my computer is being weird, and not letting me log in... that past comment was from me, "food addict."

fancy nancy said...

You are so cute and LITTLE!!! Way to go rocking your 10k preggers!!! You did awesome! She is going to be a runner!!!!

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