Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunshine award and a little down time to finally blog

It’s been a crazy week. On top of finding out we’re having a little girl last Monday, my grandmother passed away, my husband was passed over for a promotion at work, and I ended up at Urgent Care for low blood pressure. YIKES. If I never relive last week, I will be totally fine. What a nightmare! Emotional rollercoaster doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Let’s start with the happy thing. Our big anatomy scan was last Monday, and we got to spend about 45 minutes with our surprise girl. We were so convinced she was a boy that it took pretty much the whole night to sink in that we’re really having a girl! We are over the moon in love with her, and she’s already got such a stinker pants personality (stubborn, ornery and active…hmm, reminds me of her dad!)

Check out these awesome long legs! Future runner!

leg1 leg2

We actually ended up having to do an internal vaginal ultrasound to get to money shot of her lady parts. Stubborn girl had a foot in her crotch the entire time and wouldn’t move, but since she was sitting breech at that point, we pulled out the secret weapon and got a great shot of her butt/genitals (lol!) Can’t wait to show that on her first date. ;-)

Besides the excitement of having a girl, she’s totally perfect and everything looks great! Nice, strong heart, beautiful brain, two arms and two legs with ten fingers and toes, functioning organs, and even a cute nose, mouth and eyes that we got to see! She’s an active little girl, that’s for sure. Since I started feeling her move about four weeks ago, she moves CONSTANTLY, especially enjoying kicking me in the crotch. Not cool, girl. Not cool. We’ve decided, after much debate for the past 7 days, to call her Kathryn Grace. We’ll most likely go by Kate.

I’ll blog about the other happenings later this week, but I want to move on to something happier – the Sunshine Award!

Bee @ This Time It’s For Real awarded me the Sunshine Award! Thanks, girl! She just moved to Austin, TX so if you live in or around the Austin area, make this native Texan proud and drop her a comment. :)

sunaward I’d like to pass this award on to Nancy @ Living the Dream and Lori @ For the Run of It. Both are such inspirational women who motivate me to get out there and run!

In the spirit of the award, here’s 7 pieces of information about myself… I can’t guarantee they’ll be interesting!

1. My first baby is my big orange tabby cat named Stewie. My husband proposed to me 6 years ago with this tiny orange kitten, meowing very loudly, and a ring around his too-big red collar. I’d had an orange tabby as a little girl that I loved and who ran away when we moved to Colorado, so having another orange kitty was always a goal of mine, and my husband pulled through. Today he’s a 14-pounder lap kitty whom I spoil very, very much!


What a handsome guy!

2. I’ve gone 21 weeks without being hit with any sort of craving. Is that weird? The one thing I think I might crave is a large iced tea from Sonic. Could be worse, I suppose, but I keep waiting for something weird and random to strike. The problem is, I think, I just love food in general. Wanting pizza is nothing new to me!

3. When I was a wee baby, I had braces on my legs because they were turning to the inside instead of growing straight. Interestingly enough, my mom actually had surgery on one of her legs as a teen because it was significantly longer than the other leg, so the surgery removed part of her femur to shorten it. Leg problems apparently run in my family! A part of me does believe my leg problems as a baby contribute to my hip flexor problems while running.

4. In real life, I am a technical writer/editor for a living. After working for a small privately-owned software company for 4 years, I jumped to government work and have worked on an air force base for the past year. LOVE it, although funding is volatile at times (love you too, Congress).

5. This year I successfully grew yellow squash, zucchini, and roma tomatoes without killing them – a first! Next year, we are building box gardens and I plan on having a bountiful harvest. I can hardly wait! The weather is so finicky here in Colorado, though. Last summer, we had quite a cool and rainy season, with it snowing until the last weekend of May. This year, we’ve had a hot and dry summer with the exception of the last 2-3 weeks where it’s poured every single afternoon (which is actually more typical of Colorado). So who knows what next summer will bring, but I’m hoping to expand my garden to include strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, peppers/jalapenos, in addition to squash and tomatoes. Yum!

6. I am WAY more nervous about having a girl than a boy, which surprises me! I think it’s because I know what they’re like, and I was a totally dramatic and sucky teen, so I’ve spent the past week really praying this little girl really does take after her dad!

7. I MISS VODKA TONICS WITH LIME! We’ll meet again soon, my dear friend.


Tish said...

Take care of yourself, girl, those roller coasters are tough. That said, I'm SO happy for your good news. You'll love your baby girl! We had a girl first and are convinced that's the best. Don't worry too much about those teen years yet, you'll have lots of cuddly fun baby years first! Love and hugs.

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

ooo...bad week and good week indeed!

Happy for your new baby Kate! Woo hoo! Yes, girls can be super dramatic...but you never know, you might get one with a great even temper. :)

Those teen years are sure trying...but you will be ready for it when it arrives and just like the rest of the time kids spend growing up, it goes by quickly...besides..the teen years aren't all bad...there is some awesome stuff that happens too! :)

Anonymous said...

Dang I just lost my comment!

Your cat is so adorable. I want to cuddle it! I love kitties so much!

I'm glad your baby is healthy!!

Sorry to hear about your sucky week!

beerab said...

What a pretty name- I love it :)

I'm sorry about your husband getting passed over- I know how that feels! Hence my moving to Austin!

Strawberries and raspberries sound awesome - specially since those are usually pretty pricey at the store. :)

Laura705 said...

What a week for you! So good to hear your baby girl is doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

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