Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My running shoes miss me

Just to clarify, I have (had) 11 days until I reach full term (36 weeks according to my doctor). I’ve still got 5 more weeks until my due date which is December 19th, but I only had to hold off on running until 36 weeks (next Monday) to make sure Baby Marathoner cooks a bit longer. She considered making an appearance last week after I went for a 3 mile run! But thankfully, she’s decided to hang out a bit longer and running’s off the table for another week…. gets those contractions going! Good to know that running can help move things along when she’s ready. :) I’m of the opinion that most babies come when they’re ready, so I can run all I want and if she’s ready to make her grand entrance, she’ll let us know. But in the meantime, better to play it safe than sorry until I’m full term.

But dang it, my running shoes are staring at me longingly. I miss them! They miss me! Funny how suddenly when you’re told you can’t do something, it just makes you want to do it all that much more! I’ve taken to walking and the elliptical in the meantime and it’s ok. But I miss running. I have a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning that I’m still planning on “wogging” as my last 5k of the season/this pregnancy. I am so, so thankful that I’ve been able to continue running, even with this short-lived hiatus. It’s been incredibly important to me to continue, and it gives me amazing faith in my body and myself. And I know my love for running will still be there after Miss Kate is here. And I can’t wait to take her to races and see her and my awesome hubby cheering me on at the finish line in her cute Running Chick outfit!


But this post is not really about cute baby outfits (but they are SO CUTE AND I WANT THEM ALL!) or about my sad, lonely running shoes collecting dust in the closet (ok, time to stop being melodramatic… it’s only a short hiatus!) This is about skipping workouts, and how easy it is to make excuses. It’s really easy to skip working out, regardless if I’m on a running break or not. It’s easy to make excuses for missing runs. I’ve got some pretty good ones, too. A few weeks ago, the air force base where I work was locked down – not atypical, I’m sure someone left a powdered donut on a counter somewhere and we had to call HAZMAT – for 45 minutes when I tried to leave. My excuse was “oh, well, now my schedule’s ALL messed up and I can’t go to the gym to run.” So I went home. I mean, really? It’s not like I was stuck at work until midnight.

Other common excuses from yours truly:

  • I’m tired/I have indigestion/I’m constipated (I should know better that running usually cures the last excuse, and quite well!)
  • I have to go home and make dinner (because my husband is apparently barbaric and has no clue how to fend for himself)
  • I can’t keep up with everyone else in running boot camp
  • I’ll run tomorrow because I’ll feel better/more energetic (that has NEVER come true)
  • I can’t workout today because it’s not on my schedule (Seriously???)

Just a handful, but you get the idea. I should know by now that I always feel better after I work out – mentally, emotionally, physically. But does that stop the excuses? Usually not. I’m sure everyone can relate!

For a great post on making excuses, Carly @ Chubby Chicks Run Too invited Kara Douglass Thom and Laurie Kocanda, authors of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom for a guest post on distinguishing between excuses and legitimate reasons to skip workouts. I have a feeling this advice will become even more vital as I enter mommyhood here in the next few weeks and find myself wanting to skip workouts.


laura705 said...

Excuses, reasons...yes, I've come up with those. Not that I've ever hoped for a train delay so I could miss an exercise class, but when it occasionally happens I'm sometimes all too happy to latch onto it.

I hope the remainder of your 11 days of enforced running hiatus goes quickly and you are happily back in your running shoes and on the road. :)

fancy nancy said...

I read that post about excuses and it was really great! A baby brings a whole new set of realistic excuses that I am certain you will push through....I'm so tired I can't even stand...My boobs may explode midrun...But you will feel so much better getting out there!

Dec 19th is my Emma's birthday!!! Good plan on letting Kate cook a bit longer!!! You have done amazing!!!

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

Hopefully Kate is listening to her wise mother's advise and staying put until her lungs are good and developed!! I can't believe you are nearing the end! wow. or should I say the beginning? lol

beerab said...

*hugs* I think you are a total Super Woman girl! And will definitely be a Super Mom too :D

Give me some of that motivation PLEASE... lol. I know I know, motivation is over-rated- it's time for me to grit my teeth and finish this darn journey.

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