Monday, May 16, 2011

Colorado Colfax Marathon Relay – I did it!


I have been a bad blogger lately – May is a busy time of the year for us. Between Mother’s Day, birthdays, race season kicking off, and summer BBQs, things get really hectic. We don’t have one free weekend in May!

With that in mind, I wavered when I switched my half marathon registration to the marathon relay for the Colorado Colfax Marathon two weeks ago.  This would definitely be a chance to have a weekend at home with no plans. But I also knew that if I missed another race, I would be disappointed in myself. So I quickly assembled a team of four to race in the marathon relay – not as grueling as a half marathon, but definitely something that I feel would be exciting and fun without putting my body through the torture of 13 miles.

I was really blessed with feeling GREAT on Saturday and Sunday – hardly any puking and nausea. I could have used the break, too. The weather SUCKED! It started raining on Saturday and didn’t quit until mid-Sunday! We stayed the night in Denver just down the street from the race start, and stared out the window most of the evening. Rain!  Everywhere! We were up at 4:30 to get to the park by 5:10 where we refused to get out of the car until we absolutely had to. My husband ran Leg 1 (3.27 miles) and it was chilly waiting for him at the exchange zone, but once I got running, I quickly appreciated the 40 degree weather and light mist. I ran 6.37 miles for my leg of the race, and thoroughly enjoyed all of it except the last half mile which was all uphill. For Denver folks, I ran from City Park, down Colfax to the Platte River, where the course took us on a nice paved path for several miles. I popped up by Elitch Gardens and ended my leg at Invesco Field. It was a nice, easy run and I averaged an 11:30 pace – not the fastest but not the slowest I’ve been, either.

Our team finished in 4:08 which is a GREAT marathon time in my opinion! We were 92nd in our division (out of 230) and 207th overall (out of 480 teams). The fastest team ran it in 2:23!!! Buncha sprinters, I tell ya. :)

I don’t have photos yet – waiting for the pro ones this Friday. I’m SO happy I did this; I had a great time and it revved me up for racing as much as I can for as long as I am able this year. I felt a little twinge of sadness when I realized I will not run any half marathons this year, but it’s ok. As long as I can keep running, I’ll be ok.

With that, I am off to go look for my birthday present! My 29th birthday is on Wednesday, but what do you get for the girl that doesn’t want to buy clothes since she won’t fit into them in a few months, nor needs new running shoes or gadgets, and can’t get a massage in the first trimester?

Why jewelry, of course. :)


Tish said...

Anna, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations. You look great and are doing everything right to be the best mom ever to your little one. Thanks for pointing me to your new site, I'm so glad to reconnect. Hugs.

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

Yay! You. I almost forgot we are birthday week buds! :) Jewelry is the perfect gift! I think I am going for an iphone1 lol

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I'm glad it worked out for you!! Ps. thanks for the kind comment on my blog.

fancy nancy said...

Sounds like you made a great choice switching!! Jewelry is such the perfect gift!!!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I am horrible about birthday gifts - there is never anything I want. My boys want to get me something and this year I told them some new teas I'd like to try and a pan for our new convection oven. Boring. Happy birthday!!!

Sunnydaze said...

Happy early birthday! :D

marbear24 said...

Ahhh! Yay! I was totally bummed when you left me that post saying you no longer had adios fat pants! I'm so glad you started a new one! I've missed so much! Hello baby! SO exciting! Yay you! [Could I use any more exclamation marks? I mean really.]

DId you ever explain why you closed the other blog? I may have missed it as i have A LOT to catch up on.

Hugs to you!

beerab said...

I agree you should get some jewelry! Happy early bday btw girl!

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