Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday ramblings and a race recap

Do you ever have weekends that are so busy that you need another weekend to recoup from the first? That’s definitely me. And as I write this on Tuesday night, I STILL need a recovery weekend! Monday is certainly no way to ease into the work week, if you ask me. I was so pooped Monday night that I conked out on the couch for 2.5 hours. I never nap in the evenings, and since I’m such a light sleeper, I have to be in a very quiet place when I sleep. Not so yesterday evening… hubby had the TV turned up loud, but I was out like a light once I got my pillow and blanket.

Have I mentioned reason #782384 why I love my husband? Thursday night, I was lamenting about how I wanted to run a 5k on Saturday, but I would be the “slowest and fattest person there,” which I knew wasn’t true, but man, I sure felt like it at the moment. He listened to me complain, and then politely told me to stop whining, he knew I really wanted to race, and to go and sign up because he knows I’ll regret it if I don’t. I love this man! He always gives me the push that I need to just get over myself and go for it!

So Saturday morning, I raced in the Take 5 in the Garden 5k. That’s a tough course regardless; being pregnant and feeling like walking up the stairs is a chore made it worse. But I got out there, and I’m so happy I did it – Saturday was beautiful and sunny, a gentle breeze, so me and 1200 of my closest friends tackled Garden of the Gods, a ridiculously hilly course. But I had a lot of fun, and finished in 38 minutes which I think is a great time regardless of being prego and taking it easy! I’d be happy with that time even if I wasn’t knocked up!


My neighbor, Steve, also raced – he’s running legs 3 and 4 of our marathon relay on Sunday!


Coming up on Week 8 of my pregnancy, I’m around 137 pounds these days. The sickness still sucks, but I’m managing. Some days are terrible and some days aren’t bad at all. I did get an anti-nausea prescription for the really bad days, so at least I have that in case I need it. But other than that, I am feeling pretty good. The weather is warming up around here, and my next appointment is in 5 weeks where we’ll get to hear the heartbeat!

Happy hump day!


safire said...

You are the most amazing pregnant woman I know! WOW running a 5k :) congratulations to you!
You and your husband sound like a wonderful couple!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Week 8 already! Wow, that was fast.

fancy nancy said...

8 weeks already!!! Yay!! Way to go on running your 5k! Isn't it amazing how pregnancy can make you sleep like a rock?! Your body is doing a lot of work and needs its rest!!

Sunnydaze said...

What a beautiful setting for the race. Glad that all is going well.

Renee @ MyKitchenAdventures said...

yay you!!!!

Glad things are going well...and hopefully the sickness will start to subside for you as you move along!

Wait until you feel the baby move! BEST part of being preggo EVER!

beerab said...

Girl you are fabulous! Great job on your run- you look awesome :)

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